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Karaoke Idol USA Rules

1. You can enter in as many bars or clubs as you want. ($10. fee each time)


2. Voting is done online and in the bar. Very important live votes count as 3 so you need to bring as many friends with you as you can. There are no judges. Just your friends and spectators.

3. Every contestant must fill out a separate sign up form for each bar you compete in. With contact information, and a release to use your picture on the site and on DVD's. This may also be on cable. The release will serve for this as well.

4. Depending on how many people sign up in a bar or club will determine how long it will last. Most bars will be about 8 weeks. Some Places may need to do 2 or 3 nights the first week. You will be informed which night you will perform on and all the sign up contestants for that bar will be saved until all 2 or 3 nights are done for the votes to be totaled. The results will be given the next week. And so the competition will go. Each week there will be people eliminated. The amount will be determined by the amount of people that sign up for each bar or club. Until we have one person to represent the bar or club. You can only win in one bar or club. You may sign up in as many as you like. To better your chances. Should a person, win in two an alternate will be picked by the next highest votes for that club. Remember the last contestant from each club will win CASH. Determined by how many bars and how many people sign up. We will keep a running total on the site. After a few weeks it will not change as all bars have started their competition.

5. Each contestant will need to have about 8-10 songs ready to sing (if you go on to the next rounds. I think you should start practicing in different bars or clubs. So you can get a feel of singing in front of new people. check out the competition while your there.

6. Finalists and Spectators will be informed of where and when the grand finals will be. There will be a $5 entry ticket. Voting for the grand finals will be done as follows: Every person who comes will be given a voting slip with 3 lines 1st 2nd & 3rd. 1st is worth 3 point 2nd is worth 2 and 3rd is worth 1. All voting in grand finals is LIVE by the audience and contestants. you can only put a contestants name once on the voting sheet.

7.The finalist at the grand finals with the most points, in addition to the cash will be able to go to Panorama Records Studio (at the winners expense to get there) and record a song from their library, which will be put as a bonus track on a monthly CD-G. with credits on the back saying they are the winner of KaraokeIdolUSA. Where they are from & which bar they represent. GREAT EXPOSURE as they sell thousands every mouth. Very Very Cool. THANK YOU Panorama Records (Makers of the Top Hits Monthly Karaoke CD-G) &

8. At least one competition from each bar will be broadcast on a public cable TV. You never know where your votes will come from. Each bar is individually scored so it does not matter if your bar is not on that week. This will be a recorded performance not live. It will also be parts of every performers song do time allowance, but the people can vote on line for their favorite performance. By going to going to the bar and clicking on their vote.

So start telling your friends and family that you want them to support you. Some weeks we will have people to give pointers shall we say to the contestants. Remember this is all in fun. DO NOT take it personal. It is only done for entertainment.


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