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About Karaoke Idol USA
& Ann Lanphear Karaoke

Ann Lanphear Karaoke has the largest karaoke company in New England. With the largest song selection in the country. Just about 30,000 songs. And I don't mean duplicates to make our books look bigger. Some of the same songs but different artists. We have a huge international selection. With Spanish, Latin, German, Irish and many others. There are lots of Broadway tunes and songs from movies. There is Opera, Gospel, Children's, and Christmas. If your just out to have fun and not a great singer check out our GRABBAG KARAOKE. Email us and find out about it. My main objective is for people to have fun, for it to be fair, and to give them the selection they can't get anywhere else. We are always trying new things and changing things a little. But never the rotation. That will always be in place. Every singer is equal.

Looking For The Hottest New Place  For Karaoke?

Fugi At WOC
1420 Hancock St.

Sunday Nights At 9



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